The authors of the film position the "War of Chimeras" as a feature film made of documentary material. This is a story about the war, love and death, shot by its immediate participants.

"We have not seen such a real war on the screen yet", - these reviews of the first spectators for the film "Chimera War" owe to many of our friends and acquaintances who shot the video during the battle of Ilovaisk. They did not shoot to make a movie, they shot to stop the moment, to record the events. They were the soldiers themselves, and professional photographers,” the director of the film Maria Starozhitskaya says.

The two, a guy and a girl are behind the scenes, and then in the shot. He volunteered, and she went to where the war had just left. He got into battle of Ilovaisk, lost his closest friends, she, traveling through broken cities, tries to understand the essence of war and love. Both frankly tell each other what they are experiencing during the military operations, the way out of the cauldron, the attempts to live together and a new joint trip to the frontline.

Did the characters find the answers to their questions? Yes! Are they clear to the viewer? No! The film is an attempt to create a personal story about the war and find oneself against the backdrop of the landscapes of the bombed Donbas, using the arsenal of archival video of photographers (Maks Levin, Maks Dondyuk) and the fighters of the Donbas battalion, who participated in the battle of Ilovaisk.

Watch the trailer here.

“We do not call anything specifically in the film: Neither populated areas, nor the belonging of guys to any battalion, nor their names, only callsigns. Our film is a universal story about war, love and death.” the director of the film Maria Starozhitskaya says.

War in the film is real and unvarnished. In the film, there is death. However, love is not declared clearly. The plot has two main characters, but when they appear and where they disappear is not that vivid.

The premiere of the film "War of Chimeras" directed by Anastasia and Maria Starozhitsky took place at the international documentary film festival on human rights "Docudays UA in March this year.