In Bakhchysarai, the Crimean Tatar holiday of Hıdırlez was celebrated exactly at the spot where people wearing police uniform abducted Crimean Tatar activist
Ervin Ibragimov two years ago, journalist Anton Naumlyuk reports.

According to him, the family of Ibragimov lives across the road from the place where the abduction took place.

"Ervin Ibragimov

Hıdırlez this year is marked exactly at the place where people in the form of police abducted Ervin Ibragimov two years ago. There is not a single reason for doubt that the Russian security forces did this. Ervin's parents' house is across the street. Two years already, his mother goes to the balcony to look at the place where her son was abducted and prays.”

The journalist further noted that it would be nice to have all the photos from today's Hıdırlez coming with the signatures: "Ervin Ibragimov was kidnapped here".  Namulyuk also quotes the collaborator mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablayev, who praising the head of the occupation government Sergey Aksyonov stated from the stage:

“I thank Sergey Valeryevich for everything he did for the Crimea, for the Crimean Tatars. I speak from the whole Crimean Tatar people.”

Reference: Ervin Ibragimov's father had already submitted more than 120 appeals to the "Interior Ministry", "Investigation Committee", "Prosecutor's Office" and "Council of Ministers" regarding the loss of his son.

And the mother of the kidnapped Ervin Ibragimov, Lilya Aliyeva wrote an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in which she asked him to help in the search and release of her son, as well as other abducted Crimean Tatars.