Jamala, a participant from Ukraine at the Eurovision-2016, takes 3rd place according to online vote on website 

According to the rating, French singer Amir Haddad and Sergey Lazarev from Russia, who did not even make the top twenty at the European Song Opening 2016 festival, are also ranked in the top three.

On Thursday, May 5, Jamala held the first rehearsal on the Stockholm Globe Arena stage, where the international song contests Eurovision-2016 is to be held. The viewers also first saw the ordinal number the singer is going to conquer Europe with.

After the rehearsal, Jamala took part at a press conference, wearing a Ukrainian embroidered dress by designer Vita Kin (performed in embroidery technique "white on white," very popular in the Poltava region).

A concert dress for Jamala’s performance at the Eurovision-2016 has been creates by Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.

PHOTO: QHA, Facebook