November 22, "Crimea in the veins” photo exhibition of Zarema Yaliboylu opened in the Crimean House," QHA correspondent reports.

“I am inspired by the Crimea, its beauty, the history of the Crimean Tatar people and culture. This exhibition is for those who were forced to leave the peninsula. Crimea is waiting for you. The exhibition is called "Crimea in the veins" as Crimea is like a drug. Who has seen it once, could not forget it anymore. It Leaves nobody indifferent,” Yaliboylu said in an interview with Alim Aliyev, the program director of the Crimean House.

The author presented mostly landscapes of the mountainous Crimea, but there are also photos of Bakhchysarai streets, ruins of the Dzhanibek mosque.

About 20 photos were presented. According to Zarema Yaliboylu, she has much more, as she was photographing for several years. At the same time, she has already tried herself as a photojournalist at the agencies Crimean News and Advet.


The exhibition can be visited at the Crimean House till the end of this year.

Reportedly, on October 20, "Adult Crimean Childhood" exhibition by journalist Anton Naumlyuk, dedicated to children Crimean political prisoners opened at the Crimean House. Its purpose was to draw public attention to the families of those who immediately lost their loved ones by decision of the occupation authorities.