On Tuesday, 7 June, the first this year's Iftar was held in the room of the Islamic Cultural Center in Lviv. About 50 Muslims gathered to pray and take food on the second day of the holy month for Muslims - Ramadan. Such an event was held for the first time this year at a mosque of the Cultural Center, capable to host such a large number of Muslims living in Lviv.

It is worth noting that most of those present were the Crimean Tatars who moved to the city of Lviv from the Crimea after the events of 2014. Muslims of other nationalities attended the event, as well.

Traditionally, the evening began with a short sermon by the Imam of the Cultural Centre Murad Suleymanov that attracted a large number of children. Then the Azan was sounded (call to prayer - Ed.) and the Muslims began the ritual of breaking the fast, which is usually carried out with dates and water. Then those present said a prayer - namaz, followed by the main meal.

Such an event is planned to be held regularly in Lviv. The next one is scheduled for the following Friday - 10 June.

Reference: Ramadan - the month of obligatory for Muslims fasting. During this month Muslims refuse from eating during the day. Fasting begins after the morning Azan and ends after the evening one. Iftar is a ritual of breaking the fast, the evening meal during the fasting month of Ramadan.