Кyiv (QHA) -

The Ukrainian State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting has published a list of 38 books posing a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

“The measures were necessary to prevent the Russian Federation from waging information based warfare, releasing misinformation, as well as disseminating ideology of anti-humanism, fascism, xenophobia and separatism,” says Bogdan Chervak, Fist Deputy Head of the Department.

Books of the following writers have ended up being on the list: ‘Kiev Kaput’ by Eduard Limonov, ‘Ukraine. My war. Geopolitical Diary’ and ‘Eurasian Russian Revenge’ by philosopher and politician Alexander Dugin, ‘Battlefield - Ukraine. The Broken Trident’ by Georgy Savitsky, ‘Ukraine on Fire’ by Gleb Bobrov, ‘How to Turn Ukraine Against Russia’ by Yuri Mukhin and ‘Massive Human Rights Violations during the 2013 – 2014 Civil Unrest in Ukraine: IGCP Annual Report’ by Russian historian Alexander Dyukov.

Under the order issued by the Committee, the blacklisted books are banned from being brought into Ukraine.