(QHA) - A magazine ‘Krim’ (Crimea) with the works of Taras Shevchenko in Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages was published in Crimea. The trilingual edition was presented to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych by head of the Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoly Mogilev, the official web site of the President informs. During the meeting with the Head of State, Mogilev said that the magazine will be supplied to all libraries of Crimean peninsula as well as presented in Kyiv. Viktor Yanukovych and Anatoliy Mogilev also discussed the situation in Crimea. In this regard, the Crimean Prime Minister assured that the situation in the autonomy is stable. “The satiation in Crimea is stable, normal,” he said. Note: Taras Shevchenko was a Ukrainian poet and artist. His literary heritage is regarded to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and, to a large extent, the modern Ukrainian language. Shevchenko is also known for many masterpieces as a painter and an illustrator.