Yesterday, September 12, Muslims around the world celebrated one of the two most important holidays of the Islamic calendar - Eid al-Adha.

Parishioners of the Islamic Cultural Center in Vinnytsia packed into not only the whole building, but the yard - a small mosque was attended by three and a half hundreds of the faithful.

At the end of the service there was treating. After that, the Muslims were divided: women and children left to enjoy the gifts and festive program, while the men hurried to sacrifice and distribute the meat to the needy till evening.

AL-ISRA public organization, engaged in educational and charitable activities, conducts its work at the mosque as well.

Deputy Chairman of the AL-ISRA NGO, Mosab Samir, says that Eid al-Adha is celebrated for about a week.

“Unfortunately, the university does not give us more than a day off, but at home we visit relatives and friends, doing good deeds and being engaged in charity work throughout the week,” Mosab Samir says. “Yesterday, we visited with the animators the Vinnytsia orphanage and gave the kids a treat. Last year we were in Vinnytsia Oncology Center. It is very important to concentrate on good deeds in these days.”

According Mosab Samir, Vinnytsia residents are interested in Islamic culture and religion.

“There are local residents who are turning to AL-ISRA for knowledge of Eastern culture, and we are happy to tell everyone about it,” said a member of the organization. “Not all of them as a result become Muslims, but there are some cases. The main goal of our organization is enlightenment and improvement of the spiritual and cultural level of the students. Every weekend, we also hold free Arabic language courses.”

AL-ISRA public organization was created in 1996 by international students of medical and polytechnic universities. AL-ISRA is part of the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations ALRAID, which combines Islamic centers and organizations throughout Ukraine.