The occupied Crimea asks Russia for 400 million rubles (about 6.4 million USD) to compensate for the loss of agricultural production due to drought, the so-called head of the Crimea Sergei Aksyonov stated.

Thus, the "head" of the annexed peninsula drafted an appeal to the Chairman of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, asking for funds.

“This year turned out to be difficult for agriculture: first a drought, then a hail. All this led to the loss of part of the crop, as has been repeatedly said," he stated.

QHA reported that the drought destroyed more than 20 thousand hectares of crops in the Crimea. The annexed peninsula is located in the zone of risky farming, and this year the crops have suffered because of a lack of rain.

Earlier, because of the unsuccessful season of 2017, Crimean gardeners suffered up to 300 million rubles in losses. The cause of the losses was the cold spring, which adversely affected the entire agriculture of the annexed Crimea.

Source: Krym.Realii