Almost half of the large and medium-sized enterprises in the Crimea are operating at a loss, the Crimean Events reported, citing data from the statistical compendium entitled "The Social and Economic Situation of the Republic of Crimea in January-July 2017".

According to the document, published by the "Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic," 43.3% of large and medium-sized enterprises were unprofitable in January-June of this year.
The amount of losses of organizations in comparison with January-June of 2016 decreased by 10.6% and amounted to 4.5 billion rubles. The most unprofitable enterprises belong to the hotel sphere and catering industry and comprise 24.9%.

The second place is occupied by industrial enterprises (20.9%) and then come transportation and storage (15.7%).

Profitable large and medium-sized organizations with the share of 56.7% of the total number of enterprises of the republic, received 43.5 billion rubles in profit, which increased 4.6-fold compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

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