Crimean agricultural businesses suffered losses of 188 million rubles from April frosts, according to the statement of Minister of Agriculture of Crimea Andrei Ryumshin at a meeting of the so-called presidium of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea on May 15, the source informs.

According to Ryumshin, the Ministry of Agriculture summarized the information on losses from frosts that occurred on April 26-27.

“I wanted to briefly report on the frosts of April 26-27, which were in the Crimea. We received all the information on the affected regions. The total amount of losses in the Crimea on an area of 2,221 hectares was 188 million rubles," he said.

Earlier, QHA reported that a rare weather phenomenon occurred in the occupied Crimea - snow fell in the middle of April. After that there were frosts almost throughout the peninsula within two weeks, which led to the death of many plants.

PHOTO: Internet