Enterprises freely deliver coal from the occupied territories of Donbas to Kyiv-controlled territory of Ukraine, said Minister on the Affairs of the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons, Vadim Chernysh May 6 in an interview with 5 TV Channel.

- The coal supplied from the occupied territories to the Ukraine-controlled territory provides electricity for us as well ... I emphasize that many people work there, hundreds of thousands who are somehow tied and pay taxes, and businesses that pay a military tax. Whom do they pay? Ukraine, said the Minister.

He stressed that coal is supplied from the occupied territories by Ukrainian companies re-registered in the Kyiv-controlled regions.

Chernysh assured that Ukrainian authorities would restore Donbas and a corresponding plan has been agreed and signed. However, the Minister has not fleshed out the details and the concrete steps envisaged in the plan.

Photo: Channel 5