Crimean occupation authorities have suspended the implementation of 30 Turkish investment projects totaling about $ 500 million, reported the so-called Crimea’s Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbec as cited by Tass.

- This decision was taken in accordance with our President’s stance. In total there were about 30 investment projects worth about half a billion dollars, said Balbec.

He also added the Crimeans took Russian Su-24 crash "with the utmost conviction and extreme pain".

- It’s too early to talk about any cooperation prospects after Turkey’s treacherous act relating to the attack against Russian warplane. Therefore, we have decided to suspend the implementation of close to 30 Turkish investment projects, according to the Crimean "Deputy Prime Minister".

After the incident with the Russian Su-24, the Crimea’s Head Sergey Aksyonov staged another comedy calling to refuse from buying Turkish products as it supports Turkish business.