After the annexation of Crimea there’s been an acute shortage of the blue fuel. The peninsula may face a 200 million cubic gas meters deficit in winter because of Chornomornaftohaz’s production decreasing. The problem is mainly related to the drilling cessation on the shelf at the Odessa field, after the emergency evacuation of two drill rigs claimed by Kiev in December. Russia is building a gas pipeline to the Crimea through the Kerch Strait, but it will be ready only by the middle of the heating season.

‘Fuel and Energy Minister of the Crimea’ Svetlana Borodulina said that Crimea thus expects the estimated shortage of gas at the level of 200 million cubic meters in the winter of 2016-2017.

- It is an estimated scope, which should be no surprise. Measures on new wells and fields development were required. But they were not taken, - the ‘Minister’ added.

According to her, the gas shortage can be filled up with the Krasnodar pipeline with capacity of 4 billion cubic meters, which is planned to be partially introduced by January 2017.

- We really count on this pipeline. Hopefully, in the winter we will be enjoying the New Year, rather than sitting at the headquarters of the Emergencies Ministry, - she said.

By the way, before annexation the Crimea was the Ukraine’s most promising gas production region and had almost reached self-sustainment.

Photo: Internet