According to Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Crimean government, the Crimean authorities are introducing sanctions against Turkey.

“Despite promises made and agreements reached, as well as efforts Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been putting into fighting international terrorism, Turkey’s actions can only be  viewed as treacherous,” wrote Sergey Aksyonov on his Facebook page.

He went on to say that ‘despite having a lot of respect for the Turkish people and enjoying good business relations, I believe we should reciprocate this unfriendly act’.

“That is exactly why Turkish nationals will not be allowed to work in Crimea. All investment contracts will be terminated while imports of Turkish-made products will be banned. Let me emphasize that Turkish-made products account for only an insignificant fraction of all imports to Crimea, which is why the ban will not have a profound impact on the development of Crimea. I’m positive that the Turkish people will pass judgment on their leader and the verdict will undoubtedly be ‘traitor’”, writes the so-called Head of the Crimean government.

It was reported earlier that a Russian SU-24 fighter jet was shot down over the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey claims the warplane violated its air space while Russia insists on the plane flying in Syrian airspace.

On November 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order introducing sanctions against Turkey. Under the order, ‘foreign economic activities, such as imports of certain Turkish-made products to Russia, will either be banned or restricted’.

Visa-free travel between Turkey and Russia will also be suspended as of January 1, while Russian tour operators and travel agencies are recommended against selling tours to Turkey.