During a disastrous holiday season Crimean entrepreneurs were fined 10 million rubles total, which exceeded last year's figures several times, the "Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Tax Service Office" in Crimea Riza Aliyev said, according to the agency Pod Pritselom [In the spotlight].

Reportedly, the invaders carried out about 200 raids during the holiday season.

“Over this period, we conducted 1644 checks on compliance with the use of cash registers. 1831 protocols on administrative violations were filed and 1617 warning issued. Penalties were imposed as well: 763 decrees in the Republic of Crimea, this is almost 10 million rubles. As of today, 7 million have already been transferred to the state budget, the rest still has payment time limit,” Aliyev said.

He went on saying that the number of inspections has increased by 2.2 times and the amount of fines levied - 5 times.

Photo: Internet