Many settlements in the Crimea are still not ready for gasification, according to the "chairman of the State Committee on Industrial Policy, Transport and Fuel and Energy Complex" Petr Zaporozhets.

The official stated that a serious problem hindering the implementation of the gasification program in Crimea is allegedly the mismanagement of some houses.

"Due to this status, tenants of such houses are left without gas," he said.

In turn, Sergei Tarasov, "deputy of the State Council", the director of the state gas enterprise Krymgazsety, reminded that apart from the republic program of gasification of the Crimea, there should also be regional ones, developed by the municipalities. According to him, not everywhere local authorities care about ordering a project for the construction of distribution networks for controlled settlements.

Many Crimeans express dissatisfaction with the terms of connecting to the gas networks of the state unitary enterprise "Krymgazsety", but, according to Tarasov, connecting subscribers who paid for services can be implemented within a year and even longer.

He stated that, the term of connection depends on the consumption of gas by subscribers. For example, Crimean households consuming not more than 15 cubic meters will be connected within a year, if the gas flow is up to 500 cubic meters then the term of connection can be one and a half years.