The self-proclaimed Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said that the Ukrainian property, "Oschadbank" was used to return investors the debts, reported TASS.

Aksyonov stressed they will ignore any decisions by international courts concerning the return of the assets.

- This is only the beginning of the process, Ukraine will go to the court over the assets it believes are its property. We won’t recognize these court decisions, we believe that everything has been done correctly. No problem, said Aksyonov.

Following the occupation of the Crimea the self-proclaimed authorities stated they "nationalized" property of the Ukrainian "Oschadbank."

In turn, "Oschadbank" filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Arbitration against the Russian Federation over loss of its assets in the Crimea. The compensation cost amounts to USD 1 billion.

Photo: Internet