The department of the children hospital in the Hvardiiske village had to be closed due to the lack of doctors, according to the so-called Deputy Minister of Health in Crimea Anton Shaklunov, as cited by "Notes".

“The problem is in the lack of staff, retired doctors worked, but they fired. Unfortunately, there are no doctors at the moment. If we find doctors, the hospital will be opened again”, Shaklunov said.

According to the source, visiting teams of specialists provide with outpatient care.

Lack of doctors and medical staff is also a critical issue in Sevastopol. According to the City Legislative Assembly information, the main reason of the dismissal from public hospitals and polyclinics is low salaries. At the same time, in a number of Sevastopol health care institutions salaries of doctors and medical personnel have decreased, as compared to 2016, but manager level salaries, on the contrary, have grown.

PHOTO: Internet