The puppet authorities of the Crimea admitted that it is impossible to solve the problem of drinking water on the peninsula by desalination of sea water, according to Igor Vayl, Chairman of the “State Committee for Water Management and Reclamation of the Republic of Crimea”.

This method, which is used in Israel and other water-deficit countries, is not affordable for the local budget and will be very expensive for Crimeans.

"According to our calculations, the price of such water, obtained from desalination plants, is increased 4-5 times," he said.

Furthermore, the "official" noted that the work of large desalination plants requires huge energy costs, which the Crimea cannot afford either.

Finally, "the head of the State Committee for Water Management" stressed that the peninsula has place for dumping of wastes from this production.

“Up to 60% of the waste in each installation is osmosis. This is a very concentrated salt mass, which is obtained in the process of desalination of water. What to do with it? To fill up the Crimea with this waste in two years, I think nobody wants this," Igor Vayl added.

Earlier QHA reported that the water does not meet the standards in the Crimea. According to sanitary and chemical indicators, 7.1% of drinking water samples on the peninsula do not meet the norms of (the average for the Russian Federation in 2016 is 13.9%).

Also, the problems of cutting down water supply in the cities of the Crimea have been repeatedly reported.

Source: News of Crimea