More than 20 thousand hectares of crops were damaged in the occupied Crimea, according to the so-called head of the Ministry of Agriculture controlled by the Kremlin, Andrei Ryumshin.

He noted that the annexed peninsula is now in the zone of risky farming, and this year the crops have suffered because of a lack of rains. Ryumshin went on saying that the Crimea needed new developments that would take into account all the nuances of agriculture.

Reportedly, Crimean gardeners suffered losses of up to 300 million rubles because of the unsuccessful season of 2017. The reason for this was the cold spring, which adversely affected the entire agriculture of the annexed peninsula.

Earlier, QHA reported that the puppet authorities of the Crimea admitted that it is impossible to solve the problem of drinking water on the peninsula by desalination of sea water, since the method, which is used in Israel and other water-deficit countries, is not affordable for the local budget and will be very expensive for Crimeans.

Source: Kafanews