The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea carries out procedural control over criminal proceedings on the fact of violating the environmental safety rules (Article 236 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) by business entities engaged in the construction of a transport crossing to the Crimean peninsula over the Kerch Strait, which has a very negative impact on the environment.

“Approximate losses caused to the environment of the Black and Azov Seas in the construction of the Kerch bridge, given the need to fix the sea coasts, will amount to at least UAH 10 billion,” the Prosecutor's Office reported.

According to information provided by the Prosecutor's Office, large-scale works can turn the Azov Sea into the Black Sea Gulf. A sharp change in the chemical composition of water will lead to the extinction of many living organisms, including dolphins, which are listed in the Red Book.

Thus, the construction of the Kerch bridge in the strait can lead to a regional ecological disaster.

Earlier, Doctor of Biological Sciences Igor Buzevich predicted that the construction of a bridge by the Russian invaders across the Kerch Strait would lead to irreversible consequences for the marine fauna.

PHOTO: Internet