A debt of USD 3 billion, which in 2013 the Kremlin allocated to Yanukovych’s government, should be tackled by the international courts, but keeping in mind that the Russian Federation owes Ukraine much more due to the occupation of Crimea, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said at the National Press Club in Washington as cited by Ukrinform.

- I think it must be tackled by legal means. Currently the appropriate legal procedures are underway in order to determine the fate of our relations, including the financial sector, said Groisman.

The Prime Minister went on saying that the return of annexed Crimea can be the basis for the future settlement of the financial issue.

- The de-occupation and liberation of Crimea as well as parts of the Ukrainian territories seized with the help of Russian troops will help to tackle this issue, he said.

Russia refused to participate in the debt operations of Ukraine in November last year. Therefore, the sum of the Kremlin's claims on debt securities sold by Viktor Yanukovych to Vladimir Putin following an in-person meeting at the end of 2013, amounts to USD 3 billion and USD 75 million percent.

The litigation can last for 18-24 months.

Photo: Internet