The self-proclaimed power in the occupied Crimea announced a large-scale sale of the winemaking industry.

In particular, the so-called head of the Crimean government Sergei Aksyonov claims that he sees a double benefit in the sale - the receipt of funds to the budget, and the involvement of large taxpayers.

Aksyonov said he was in favor of having all the wine-producing enterprises on the peninsula sold out.

Earlier, the puppet authorities of the Crimea put up a sparkling wine plant Novyi Svit founded in 1878, for sale in November.

The sparkling wine plant Novyi Svit (“New World”) was nationalized following the illegal "referendum on the annexation of the territory of Crimea to Russia." In the summer of 2017, the form of ownership at the plant changed. A decision was made to shift from the state unitary enterprise to a joint-stock company.

The pro-Russian officials believe that there will be not enough qualified personnel in the Crimea to work in the wine industry. This is one of the reasons for the large sale of enterprises that produce wine.