The ban on the import of patrol from Russia officially enters into force in Kazakhstan. According to the Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev, the ban will come into force 10 days after the official publication.
The ban applies to the 92 RON and 98 RON and concerns only rail transportation.

Bozumbayev noted that this decision is connected with the patrol surplus in Kazakhstan. According to him, the surplus of 500 thousand tons of this fuel type is expected in the country after the commissioning of the cracking unit at the Shymkent oil refinery.

Bolat Akchulakov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Kazakhstan, also announced a ban on the import of Russian patrol. He stressed that this is not news for Russian colleagues.

“They do not mind and do not regard this as a restriction. On the contrary, they are happy that they will be able to sell these volumes of oil products to third markets, charging a duty, which is more profitable,” the official said.

The situation with gasoline shortage in Kazakhstan, where there are three oil refineries, has been observed since 2011. The lacking fuel was imported from Russia. In 2017, the share of Russian gasoline in the total volume of fuel sales in the republic reached 40%.

Earlier, the Kazakh authorities intended to introduce a temporary ban on the import of Russian AI-92 gasoline.

Kazakhstan imported about 900 thousand tons of high-octane gasoline, about 400 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 250-270 thousand tons of aviation kerosene.

Source: fergananews