Prime Minister of the invader-country Dmitry Medvedev expressed the hope that the Crimea will grow enough fruits to provide them to the Russian Federation.

He made a relevant statement at the agro-industrial exhibition in Moscow.

He noted that the potential for grain growing in Russia is high, but it is not possible to grow fruits everywhere, "so the Crimea is a special hope."

In early summer of 2017 QHA reported that fruits are very expensive in the annexed Crimea: seasonal strawberries cost 200-300 rubles (75-113 UAH), and cherries 150-300 rubles (56-113 UAH). Apples cost 120-150 rubles (45-56 UAH) for Crimeans and tourists, oranges were 200 rubles (75 UAH), lemons - 250 rubles (94 UAH), and bananas cost 130 rubles (49 UAH).
To compare, in the Kyiv markets it was possible at that time to buy strawberries for 30 UAH, cherries for 50 UAH, apples for 10-14 UAH, oranges for 22 UAH, lemons for 68 UAH, and bananas for 32 UAH.