The national joint-stock oil and gas company Naftogaz of Ukraine will close its representative office in Russia, which is located in Moscow on the street of Academician Pilyugin 24, according to the company's announcement in the system of information disclosure of the National Securities Commission.

The supervisory board of Naftogaz instructed the board to carry out all the necessary measures to liquidate the office before March 12, 2018.

“The decision on liquidation (closing) of the representative office is made in connection with the lack of expediency of the further existence of the mission," the message says.

Reference: On February 28, Naftogaz received the final decision of the Stockholm Arbitration regarding transit, according to which Russian Gazprom was ordered to pay Naftogaz 4.63 billion dollars. Based on the results of these two cases, Gazprom owes to the Ukrainian company 2.56 billion dollars. The Russian company did not agree with the arbitration decision and said that they would appeal against it. On March 1, Gazprom renounced its obligations to supply gas to Ukraine in March and returned the prepaid deposit to Naftogaz.

In the Cabinet of Ministers in order to minimize the risks for the Ukrainian gas transportation system, the regime of gas saving was introduced for several days. On March 2, Gazprom announced its intention to initiate in Stockholm Arbitration the procedure for the termination of existing contracts with Naftogaz. In its turn, Naftogaz, against the backdrop of Gazprom's refusal to supply the previously contracted volumes of gas to Ukraine in March, signed a contract for the delivery of 60 million cubic meters. m of gas with the Polish company PGNiG. The contract is valid until the end of March 2018, but can be prolonged.