The Crimean occupation authorities adopted a decision to seize houses and land plots from the Crimeans in the Simferopol, Lenin and Kirov regions.

Reportedly, this decision was made in connection with the construction and reconstruction of the road "Simferopol - Krasnoperekopsk - Armyansk".

Thus, the list of objects that "authorities" plan to seize in Simferopol region only include 117 land plots, 19 non-residential buildings, 15 houses and residential premises. And three objects from the list are multi-apartment houses.

According to the document, residents of the village Ukromne and the urban type settlement Komsomolske will also remain without real estate.

The puppet government promises that all the Crimeans will receive compensation. However, as experience has shown, the owners do not always agree on the conditions of the officials.

Thus, the other day, the authorities informed about the postponement of the completion of construction of the by-pass road "Dubki - Levodki" in the Simferopol area. The owner of one of the sections, on which the route will pass, appealed to the court. Workers cannot continue construction until the lawsuit is completed.

Earlier QHA reported that the "government" of the occupied Crimea intends to transfer the plot on the Tuzla Spit in the Kerch Strait to Russia's property.

In 2017 in the occupied Crimea, as a result of cooperation between the "Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Crimea" and the Crimean State Committee for State Registration and Cadastre, more than 100 objects were transferred to the ownership of the Russian Federation.

Source: News of Crimea