Winning of the Republican candidate Donald Trump at the presidential elections in the United States has forced investors to seek safe haven for their assets. This had already led to skyrocketing of prices for gold by nearly five percent, after which the quotations have lost part of the growth.

According to Reuters, this is the largest increase in gold prices in a single trading session since June 24, when the precious metal rose eight percent after the UK decided to secede from the European Union. At the end of that day, quotes had increased by 4.8 percent.

Analysts believe, that Trump winning could cause economic and global uncertainty, as well as keep the US Federal Reserve from raising interest rates next month, which will also support the position of the gold.

Voting in the presidential election finished in the United States. As of 9:00 Kyiv time, Trump has won more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Hillary Clinton has congratulated the Republicans to victory.

Against the background of these reports, the world's stock markets and the US dollar fall.

Photo: Internet