Crimean occupation authorities admitted that Yevpatoria loses its beaches because of the barbaric sand extraction. According to the municipal institution "Department of Capital Construction of the Administration of the City of Yevpatoria of the Republic of Crimea", the causes of the beach strip erosion are both natural and man-made.

“Natural ones imply a steady increase in the level of the world ocean, the evolution of cove shores in the process of development; and man-made include the extraction of sand from the beaches, construction in the coastal zone.”

In recent years, the beach strip has significantly decreased, the "Department" stated.

“The width of the beaches previously reached 40-50 meters, which was enough that the waves did not exert an active influence on the beach scarps. The coast was in a stage of stable equilibrium, when the amount of incoming and abraded beach-forming material in the coastal zone was approximately equal. In recent years, a significant decrease is observed in the width of the beach strip, in the central part of the city, at present it does not exceed 10-15 meters.”

Moreover, this "Department" won a tender for 70 million rubles for the implementation of design and exploration work on the section of the beach strip of 1 thousand 320 running meters - along the Gorky embankment from the Frunze park to Yevpatoria Trade Port.

According to the Crimean journalists, for a long time mining sand had been the only type of activity of the Yevpatoria Sea Commercial Port. Although in 2014, the head of the puppet government of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said that without the conclusions of environmental specialists, "nobody will extract anything on the beach", but after a year he softened his rhetoric, noting that he commissioned "to hold public hearings and examination of the impact of the extraction of sand on the process of reducing Yevpatorian beaches ".

In 2016, "Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Crimea" Natalia Sologub actually declared that "it is impossible to indiscriminately require the prohibition of sand mining."

Earlier, the sanitary doctor of Yalta Vitaly Zadorozhny passed a decree banning the visiting of all the beaches in the city. Visitors to the beach complained about getting infected in the seawater.

Source: Novyi Den