In the occupied Crimea, the record harvest of grapes has rotted due to the fact that the vineyards were not harvested on time, employees of PJSC Massandra, which is currently run by the occupation authorities of Crimea, informed the Primechania publication.

According to them, this year the yield of vineyards on the South Coast would be 50 centners per hectare, with the usual 20-30 centners.

But three-quarters of the "white Muscat" have simply rotted.

“In the Gurzuf branch of Massandra three-quarters of the white Muscat was lost. The yield was crazy. But when the Muscat had to be harvested, it turned out that there was no alcohol at the plant [for the production of fortified wine]. While they were thinking where to buy it, the grapes first dried out and then rotted.”

Instead of harvesting the perishable Muscat, the branch harvested the Cabernet (technical grape variety).

“Cabernet is almost not subject to rotting processes. Its skin is thick, it can wait until November. Moreover, Cabernet, Bastardo and Saperavi did not gain proper sugar level, they were removed on extreme sugars, not in technological ripeness,” the plant employees noted.

According to them, this year the harvest of the Pinot Grigio in the vineyards of Ay-Danil died as well.

The PJSC Massandra controlled by the occupier-state deny the destruction of harvest.
Earlier it was reported that 400 hectares of vineyards suffered in the occupied Crimea due to bad weather. According to the Director General of the Massandra enterprise Yanina Pavlenko, the grape-and-wine-making factory plans to harvest two thousand tons less grapes in 2018 than in 2017.

Previously, in the occupied Crimea, in the territory of the Yalta Massandra branch in Livadia, developers destroy vineyards of the winery for construction works.
Source: Primechania