In 2017 the Crimea's budget has to be been drawn up without any deficit. It will require a significant increase in revenue growth and cost reduction, reported the Crimea’s Deputy Prime Ministe Vitaly Nahlupin as cited by RIA Novosti.

The Finance Ministry sets us a task to work out a balanced budget for 2017. This year we had a deficit of 19.3 billion rubles. Therefore, we will have to work on the revenue and expenditure issues, said Vitaly Nahlupin.

According to the official, if this year Crimea has to collect about 32 billion rubles for the budget, than for 2017 this figure should be at least 40 billion.

The numbers of 44-45 billion have also been voiced. The analysis shows that so far we have not achieved these parameters. There is only one way out - to work on the expenditures, said Nahlupin.

 Photo: Internet