The “authorities” of the annexed Crimea postponed the sale of six enterprises to 2019 due to the lack of buyers, according to the statement of the so-called "Speaker of the Parliament" of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov.

The companies in quistion are the State Unitary Enterprise Krymgeologiya, Simferopol Winery, Design and Technology Bureau Sudokomposit, 28 Head of Works Management, Yevpatoria Aviation Repair Plant and Crimea-Wine.

“These enterprises are difficult to promote, we must also invest in modernization. We look for serious investors, and postpone them till the next year,” Konstantinov said.

He further noted that lack of buyers is caused by the sanctions.

“It is clear that sanctions are limiting, otherwise these enterprises would have been sold long ago. The main players in the market, of course, are all integrated into the global economy, they shun sanctions and are not publicly named in the Crimea.”

Earlier it was reported, that Russia illegally privatizes well-known Crimean enterprises, including the largest fixed-line operator is SUE of communication Krymtelecom, bread factory Krymhleb, Simferopol Bread Products Combine, technology company KrymTekhnologii, and Tavrida Publishing and Printing House.
Source: Kryminform