“Tekhnopromexport”, Russian company filed a lawsuit in the European Union court with a demand to repeal the sanctions imposed on the company in connection with the supply of Siemens turbines to the occupied Crimea.

In their appeal, the plaintiffs claim that the fact of the violation of the contract with Siemens by “Technopromexport” has not yet been established in court, since the Moscow Arbitration Court has not yet delivered its verdict, while the hearings are continuing.

In addition, plaintiffs believe that the information on the basis of which the company was accused of supplying turbines to the Crimea, had been obtained from anonymous sources and media reports.

Also, in the opinion of the plaintiffs, according to international law, Russia is required to provide "safe and uninterrupted" energy supplies to the peninsula, so in the controversial case there is also a humanitarian component that was not taken into account when the EU decided to expand sanctions.

Earlier, a scheme by which Russians placed turbines in the occupied peninsula had been revealed this year. Siemens sold 4 turbines to “Technopromexport” in 2015. The contract specified the final destination of the turbines as the Taman Peninsula (Krasnodar Krai). The turbines were further resold to Crimea, allegedly after the "modernization", which would have changed the origin of turbines from European to Russian.