The signing of an agreement on cooperation and mutual membership between the International Association of Turkish and Ukrainian Businessmen (TUİD) and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Azerbaijan and Ukraine (ATU) was held in the presence of the Turkish Ambassador  Yonet Jan Tezel and Ambassador of Azerbaijan Azer Khudiyev.

"Turkish and Azerbaijani businessmen have many advantages in Ukraine and should seek to use them effectively," the Turkish Ambassador said during his speech, reminding also that the unity of the Turkish and Azerbaijani people should be reflected in the business sphere of the two states.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan, in turn, noted that Turkish and Azerbaijani representatives of the business sector implement a number of important projects around the world:

“Turkish and Azerbaijani entrepreneurs inspire confidence in Ukraine. This trust can not be lost. I am sure that the businessmen of our countries will succeed if they unite their efforts.”

Chairman of TUİD Burak Pehlivan said that similar but more comprehensive business-oriented approaches are expected to raise this cooperation to an even higher level.

Earlier, on March 3, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, before his official visit to the Republic of Turkey, met with Turkish businessmen in Kyiv. It has been the first high-level meeting with representatives of the Turkish business sector over several years.