The ports of the Republic of Turkey indeed do not receive ships coming from the Crimea. Stanislav Gvozdilov, the Director of the ferry operator company of the Crimean Maritime Agency, confirmed this information, according to the “Primechaniya” publication.

“All ships from Crimea are not received. Logically, it turns out that Turkey does not recognize the Russian Crimea, this is the reason. Russian ships from other regions are received, from Novorossiysk, for example, but not from Crimea,” Gvozdilov stated.

Earlier, the sea trade between the occupied Crimea and the Republic of Turkey has stalled, the Director of the logistics company Selin Global Arzygul Kaymakchy informed. The last time the Turkish ships arrived from Sevastopol, they did not moor at the port of Zonguldak as the ship arrived from the Russian-occupied Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet