Varyag vessel loaded in Zonguldak, came to the Kerch Strait and disconnected AIS [Automatic Identification System, to determine the location of the vessel - ed.].

The bridge, illegally erected by the invaders, was passed with a non-working transponder, i.е. with violation of safety rules for navigation. The vessel entered the port around 14:30, Kyiv time.

600 tons of cargo were delivered to the occupied territory in violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine, without the permission of customs and border authorities. Also, these goods deliveries directly contradict the Circular No. 635/2017 of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which prohibits commercial sea communication with the occupied territory.

The vessel was inspected in Kerch by the so-called "port-state control", which illegally operates in ports closed by Ukraine. Despite the document itself which may be found on the website of the Black Sea Memorandum is insignificant in the legal sense, it serves as one of the proofs of the call to the port closed by Ukraine.

Earlier, QHA reported that in August, 34 cargo vessels where recorded to have illegally entered the ports of the occupied Crimea.