On Friday, August 4, the National Bank of Ukraine is to transfer $ 450 million to the International Monetary Fund as part of the implementation of its obligations to the Fund.

Ukraine needs to pay SDR 61.581 million for debt servicing and 257.250 million SDRs - to repay the stand-by credit program approved in April 2014 ($ 1 = 0.708 SDR).

By the end of 2017, Ukraine will have to transfer another $ 431.477 million SDRs to the IMF (about $ 610 million), including $ 59.9 million SDR in early November and $ 257.250 million SDR under the stand-by program, and at the beginning December - SDR 114.334 million to repay the stand-by program.

In April 2017, the IMF allocated Ukraine a fourth tranche of one billion dollars.

PHOTO: Internet