Information on the reduction of US financial assistance to Ukraine by 68.8% should be considered taking into account credit guarantees, which in 2018 will no longer be required in connection with the expected growth of the Ukrainian economy, the Ukrainian embassy in the United States explained.

The department indicated that in 2016 the US provided Ukraine with loan guarantees of $ 1 billion, which required $ 300 million from the US budget. In 2018, due to financial stabilization and the expected growth of the Ukrainian economy, the parties do not provide financial assistance in the form of loan guarantees.

"Taking into account what has been said, the actual reduction of US assistance to Ukraine in 2018 will be about 30%, which will extend the implementation of most of the existing programs of support to our country," the statement said.

Furthermore, representatives of the embassy noted that the financing of programs in Ukraine would comprise almost 50% of all funds provided for US assistance programs for Europe and Eurasia.

Earlier, the American media reported that Trump can reduce financial assistance to Ukraine, aimed at encouraging political and economic reforms, by 68.8%. The project envisages cutting funding to $ 177 million from almost $ 571 million previously planned.

Reportedly, the saved funds are to be redirected to the US national security sphere.

PHOTO: Internet