Russia does not plan a full-scale offensive in the Sea of Azov, according to Kurt Volker, the US Special Representative on Ukraine Negotiation.

He stressed that the Western countries should still be ready for Russian escalation.

“It is very dangerous. Russia, of course, has its own legal interpretation, based on the annexation of the Crimea. They believe that they own territorial waters and must defend the bridge built to the Crimea. The rest of the world regards this as Ukrainian coastal and international waters and is concerned about the strengthening of the maritime presence and the growth of its aggressiveness in the Azov Sea. But this does not mean that Russia is preparing for aggression, although we must always be ready for this.”

According to Volker, in the case of Russian aggression in the Azov Sea, the West will react with sanctions and military assistance to the Ukrainian army.

Earlier, the US State Department reported that the Russian Federation by its actions in the Sea of Azov is trying to destabilize situation in Ukraine. The US Foreign Ministry noted that the US continues to support Ukraine's sovereignty.

Chief of General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko said that Ukraine plans to increase the presence of the Navy in the Sea of Azov. According to him, the Navy will build up in the sea area.

Source: Voice of America