Without supply of the Dnieper water from the mainland of Ukraine, Crimea's agriculture is doomed to decay. Director of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine Mikhail Romashchenko expressed a corresponding opinion in a comment to QHA correspondent.

“There is no solution to the problem of water supply for the development of agriculture on the peninsula. Without the Dnieper water, the steppe part of the Crimea is doomed to the gradual curtailment of agricultural production and agriculture," he said.

The expert specified that the supply of fresh water from the Kuban or the Don is impossible, since this water is necessary for irrigation of the land in the nearby regions. The Ukrainians living in the steppe part of the occupied peninsula will suffer the most from lack of water, he believes.

“The fact of the annexation of the Crimea most painfully affects ethnic Ukrainians, 600 thousand Ukrainians inhabit the steppe part of the peninsula. Because of the occupation, they lost contact with the mainland and do not have sufficient water reserves for normal conditions of agricultural production," Romashchenko specified.

He went on saying that climate change would only worsen the already deplorable situation with water on the peninsula and that eventually the steppe part of the Crimea could turn into a "desert".

“Groundwater reserves are not enough. If they are more intensively selected, they will lose quality. The climate only worsens the situation. The problem with desalination can be solved, but it's too expensive. For irrigation only almost one billion cubic meters of water is needed, which is about 2 billion dollars a year," he said.

Earlier, the Ministry for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine considers appropriate to conduct a comprehensive study of environmental problems that are currently exacerbating in the Crimea occupied by Russia, but this requires the provision of funds in the state budget.

According to the information of the occupation authorities in connection with the drought, agrarians in the annexed Crimea in 2018 will collect grain half as much as last year.

Reference: in 2017, Ukraine finally cut off water supply in the occupied Crimea, a new dam was erected on the North-Crimean channel that blocked the water supply of the Crimea occupied by Russia.