Nariman Dzhelyal said that Crimean Tatars consider it as an act of defiance to put up in Crimea the monument to Catherine II and alike controversial historical figures.

- Our stance towards putting up of the monuments to Catherine, Potemkin and the rest has long been known. We never mind if some specialized or museum exhibitions are held- you are welcome. It is no problem to discuss history in a particular way in certain circles, but as for the unveiling of the monuments - this is a very serious matter. It’s defiance especially in the current situation to put up the monument to the ruler who inflicted suffering on certain part of the Crimean population, and, in particular, the indigenous people destroying their statehood. We don’t perceive this initiative in any other way, as it was with Stalin, and with Catherine, said Dzhelyal.

He also noted that Russian history has many well-known personalities who deserve being set up the monument.

- I have repeated it a thousand times that the Russian history has many well-known personalities who deserve being set up the monuments. But for some reason the Russian government always chooses rather ambiguous figures for their own edification and future generations as well. Everyone knows what life was like under Catherine and Russian or the Soviet Union leaders the Russian authorities give preference to. These are very controversial figures. You can easily set up such monuments in Moscow or elsewhere, but why is it necessary to put up a monument in Crimea? Said outraged Dzhelyal.

As QHA reported earlier, a monument to Catherine II has been unveiled in the central park of culture and rest in the city of Simferopol. 46 million rubles have been spent to set up the monument to the Empress who at the end of the XVIII century joined Crimea to Russia.

Photo: Internet