The management of Feodosia schools is forced to dismiss medical workers due to the lack of money for salaries. Firings in the schools of the city began on April 20, the
"Primechania" agency reported with reference to the "Ministry of Education, Science and Youth" of the Crimea.
The Kremlin-controlled Crimean "deputies"   have already asked the local "Ministry of Health" to understand the situation and even calculated the amount needed to solve the problem - 288 million rubles. These funds should be used to adjust the local budget, taking into account the needs of educational institutions.
Previously, on March 5, the Headmaster of a school and the district police officer in Krasnokamenka forbade children to play football, arguing that in this way the young sportsmen violate the laws of the Russian Federation, in particular, holding an unauthorized rally. According to the legislation of the country-occupier, holding a rally without coordination with the authorities entails an administrative fine, serving compulsory labor or administrative arrest for up to 10 days.
PHOTO: Internet