Almost 70% of Crimean schools today need major repairs.

The "Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Crimea" Natalia Goncharova made a relevant statement in the talk show "Everything As It Is" hosted by Maria Volkonskaya.

She noted that "programs that could solve this problem are currently absent."

She went on saying, that in connection with the high-profile case of the several underage girls who had been raped in Yevpatoria sanatorium, another issue which is no less important is the protection of school and preschool institutions.

It is worth noting that the situation with pedagogical personnel remains complicated in Crimea. The number of teachers in schools in Simferopol and some other districts in the Crimea is not enough - 150 positions remain vacant. People are not willing to work in schools because of low salaries, which range from 8,000 to 16,000 rubles.

Earlier, the information emerged, that the medical staff and patients of Alupka polyclinic No. 3 had critically spoke about the state of medicine in the Crimea.