The Taurida National University (TNU) named after V.I. Vernadsky is a kind of test for Ukrainian politicians. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian MP Tatyana Rychkova on Wednesday, September 21, during a press conference on the topic "Whether the activity of the Taurida National University named after V.I. Vernadsky will be renewed in Kyiv?" a QHA journalist reports.

“Resuming the Taurida National University is a very important step towards the reintegration of Crimea. It is a real test of whether the Ukrainian government will be able to provide a quality education for Crimeans,” said Tatiana Rychkova.

Chairman of the Euromaidan-Crimea NGO, Sergei Mokrenyuk, expressed the same opinion.  

“Resuming the TNU as well as the blockade (civil blockade of Crimea – ed.) are the hope for the return of Crimea,” he believes.

Sergei Mokrenyuk went on to say that the Ministry of Education simply inactive with regard to the Taurida National University as it has remained without academic buildings and dormitories.