Evpatoria (QHA) - About 150 fans of winter swimming immersed into cold waters of Black Sea in Evpatoria (Crimea). Such event is being held in the city for more than 30 years. This year the youngest participant was 10 years old, the oldest- 88. Water temperature was 9 C degrees; air temperature – 11 C degrees. After a short warm-up winter sea fans went into the water. Anyone can become a ‘walrus’, say the participants. To start, they recommend to swim during the warm season and continue as water temperatures go down. The main thing is – to listen to your body, they say. Many participants say that swimming in cold water helped them to recover from some diseases. Several hundred spectators gathered at the event. Ambulance was on duty on the site. 88-year old Alexandra Dyachenko from Evpatoria has been winter swimming for 36 years. She says that it helps her to stay healthy. She feels great. “I bathe in the cold water for 36 years to stay healthy. I never have colds, running nose or sore throat. Before I often had them…I wish you all not to give up swimming after summer and continue to gradually get used to colder water and everything will be fine,” says Alexandra Dyachenko.