At a briefing on the sabotage in Balakliia, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that the situation is under control.

“According to preliminary findings, the incident was an act of sabotage. Various methods are considered - from dropping explosives from an unmanned aerial vehicle to detonation. Now the fire is extinguished. To prevent victims from among civilians, a security zone has been created. About 20,000 civilians have already been evacuated. According to the latest information, there are no casualties.”

The Minister of Defense reported that the authorities blocked access to the zone of sabotage for aircrafts.

“Airspace is closed in 50 km zone.”

According to Poltorak, the explosion inflicted little harm to the defense capability of Ukraine, since most of the equipment is stored in other warehouses and in the ATO.

"The ATO possesses enough ammunition. It was also decided to increase the protection of those warehouses where the equipment is now located. We ask all citizens to be attentive and tell the police and the military about suspicious people near warehouses," the Minister said.

Earlier, the State Border Service of Ukraine reported that as a result of sabotage, the defense was strengthened at the border in the east and north of Ukraine.