A blaze that broke out in Bucharest’s Colectiv nightclub claimed the lives of Alex Pascu, Bogdan Enake, Vlad Telea and Mikhai Alexandru – the four members of the Goodbye to Gravity rock band that were performing there. Andrey Galuta, the only surviving member of the band, lost his girlfriend, Madalina Strugaru, to the fire.

Their help to Romania offered the majority of the EU countries. 35 of those injured in the fire, 7 of whom died of sustained burns, have already been transported to the clinics in Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Israel.

The last song the rock band performed at the night club, fittingly called ‘The Day on Which We’ll Die’, proved to be almost prophetic. It was while the song was being performed that a firework spark, thought to be the major cause of the fire, ignited the ceiling, causing 500 people to panic and rush for the exit. In an ensuing stampede the nightclub’s visitors had difficulty getting out of the club.

200 of those injured in the fire have been admitted to hospitals. However, the death toll is likely to rise, with 71 persons, 21 of whom in critical condition, currently being treated for burns in Bukharest hospitals.  

“The death toll may rise, so this week may be critical for the injured,” said Ion Lasker, Head of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Burn Center.

Mass protests erupted in Romania over the fire, with protesters demanding that those responsible for issuing a license to the Colectiv night club be brought to justice. The protests caused Victor Ponta, Romanian Prime Minister, to resign.