Crimean Field Mission submitted a July-August 2015 report on offenses against  the Crimean Tatar people and Ukrainian activists. Human rights activists stress ineffective investigation into disappearances and murders of pro-Ukrainian-minded Crimean residents.

Early March 2014, Ivan Bondarets (1990) and Vladislav Vashchuk (1985) went missing. The last time they got in touch was March, 7 in Simferopol. Vladislav Vashchuk called his sister and said that together with Bondarets they arrived in Simferopol, complained on document check and personal inspection at the railway station. After that none of them has got in touch, reports the Crimean Field Mission.

Also in March, Vasily Chernysh (1978) from the city of Sevastopol has disappeared. According to his relatives, earlier he was a member of the Ukraine’s Security Service, took part in Auto Maidan in Sevastopol, spoke only Ukrainian. He has stopped getting in touch March, 15. Vasil’s relatives believe he could become a victim of the "Crimean self-defense".

July, 26, 60-year-old Crimean Tatar Kachok Mukhiddin was killed in the village of Chaikino, Dzhankoy district. Crimean Tatars Memet Salimov and Osman Ibragimov fell victims of August murders.

Aug. 27, Mukhtar Arislanov, a resident of the district of Fontana, Simferopol, has been kidnapped.

Evening Aug. 11, activists Veldar Shukurdzhiev and Irina Kopylova attempted to take a picture with a Ukrainian flag near a monument to Lenin in one of the squares in Simferopol. They were detained by the police.

The Crimean Field Mission has gathered evidence and testimony of the Crimean people who witnessed the abduction of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars by police and multiple offenses on the part of "Crimean self-defense."

Photo: Crimean Field Mission on Human Rights