This morning, October 11, a search was conducted in Bilohirsk.

Activist Riza Asanov reported on his Facebook page, that operational activities were carried out in the building at 15, Industrialna St., owned by the Crimean Tatar Alim Krosh.

Krosh leases this premises to the road builders of the company Vad, which is engaged in the construction of the Tavrida highway.

According to Riza Asanov, the search was conducted by the Federal Migration Service of Russia, allegedly to detect illegal migrants from Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as from Donetsk and Luhansk.

“The FMS has no complaints against Alim Krosh. To clarify the legal staying in the Crimea, as well as the availability of work permits, 45-50 people were detained,” Riza Asanov noted.

The activist published a video taken during the searches.

On September 13, Russian security forces came with searches to the house of the activist of the Crimean Solidarity Osman Belyalov. At the time of the search, Belyalov was not at home. After the searches, two streamers and Belyalov’s father were detained. Soon they were released.

In the evening, it was possible to contact the activist of the Crimean Solidarity. He was found guilty of the violation of the administrative code of the Russian Federation under the article on propaganda or public demonstration of the symbols of extremist organizations. Belyalov was arrested for five days. September 19, he left the detention center.